#KEIR, age 23 is cared for by his father in the family’s home with support from the state programs available in Madison, Wisconsin. Scot, Keir’s father, is paid a minimal amount by the hour for a set number of hours per week to provide care for his son in the family home. Because of Keir’s aggressive behavior, Scott is the only one physically strong enough in the family to care for Keir’s needs. Ruby, Keir’s mother cares for their young adult son Aticus who is also on the spectrum.

For many families the option to send their autistic child to a group home or some other type of institution (if even available) is heartbreaking and not an option they are willing to consider as their child “ages out” at 21  when access to Federally mandated funding is discontinued. 

Autism / The Bullfight

You did not choose to be this matador. The stadium surrounding our lives together is all din and glare. Medicine and science prance around the ring like feeble picadors. For us no glory in the bloodied sand beneath our skittery feet. But at times your dance and sway distracts the relentless bull. You are the grace of angels and the power in purity. The red cape will always bear my name. And when push comes to hug we will stand together. In the end, that may be enough. One day the bull will charge no more and we will toss our hat to a cheering crowd.

- Scot Vee Gamble