FINN, (age 10) has been excepted into a residential placement at The New England Center for Children a school for children with autism located 20 miles west of Boston in Southborough, Massachusetts. Finn's mother Alysia, father Jeff and older sister Annabel (age 12) visit Finn on a weekly basis.

“Portraits of Autism” follows Finn and his family as they embark on this new chapter.


Life with my brother

By Annabel Abbott Howe

Stress, my brother was like a hovering raincloud
Raining bites
Lightening bites
Thundering pinches
To               scar                 ones               heart

Love, my brother was like an innocent alien
loving everyone,
Curious at the things you pass by
Happy when the world is not
To               repair                       ones             heart

But we could not control the raincloud

Goodbye brother

Life without my brother

Monday, Skype
I see my brothers face stuck on the screen, talk with no reaction
Like a distant memory
Talking to nothing

Sunday, a visit to his new home
I want to embrace him but my heart doesn't allow it
Stuck in a room
Watching love bottled up

Next Sunday, He visits his old home
I don’t listen to my heart I embrace him finally being his sister
Leading him through his old world
Feeling the joy of the alien

Hello brother


Essays by Alysia Abbott