ELIZABETH (age 19), lives in Idylwild, CA with her mother Kaarin Elizabeth and her two younger brothers Wolfgang and Buhdda who are also on the spectrum. With a love of numbers and a prodigy in guitar, at age eleven Elizabeth received a scholarship to attend Idyllwild Arts. She was diagnosed with ASD at age 14.  

Elizabeth is transgender. Born Kubrick, at the age of 17 she changed her name to Elizabeth and is in the process of seeking access to hormone therapy. Due to her high level of social anxiety she hopes to be able to work from home and is currently taking on-line classes in accounting. 

Many children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are diagnosed in early childhood. But for others, the signs might not be as clear. It might not be until they’re at primary school or even secondary school that the question of ASD comes up. During these years, social and behavioral differences can become more obvious as children respond to the social and educational challenges of school.

Some children with ASD grow up without their condition being recognized. It's never too late to get a diagnosis.