(Age 13) lives at home with his mother in Los Angeles, CA. Deana, August’s mother, is a single parent who must face caring for August alone with the minimal resources available to her in Los Angeles County (LAUSD.)

By August
(Age Twelve)

What is it like to have autism?
"It’s good because I can get help with life.  When I grow up maybe the government will help take of me.  I think people who don’t know me hate me because I act crazy sometimes.   Sometimes I punch my mom.  I like being autistic because I have a therapy dog who is nice to me.  His name is Duke. I love him so much.   We are buddies and he’s cute.  His feet stink."

What’s hard about having autism?
"People are mean to me.  Sometimes I don’t understand things." 

What do you wish people who don’t have autism knew about you?
"I am funny.  That’s what other people tell me.  I get angry a lot because people are not nice to me."

What’s your favorite thing about this painting?  
"It’s me!"