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Opening Reception: April 7, 2018 6:30-9:30pm
Earth Day Event: April 22, 2018 Time (TBA)

Kellan BarnebeyAdam BergDoron Gazit,
Kas InfiniteAili SchmeltzStefanie Schneider

Organized by Rough Play Projects Founder and Artist Elizabeth Tinglof, Rough Play Collective Co-Founder and Artist Ashley Hagen and Artist and Independent Curator Deborah MartinAvailable to All is the physical manifestation of a place that shines in the day and night for those who reach for symbols of welcoming, acceptance, guidance, and protection. 

The remote lighthouse can be seen as a symbol of welcoming; a beacon of safety and guidance illuminating the path to solid ground. Available to All, is an immersive sculptural installation constructed and collaged together by a group of artists who, through multimedia fragments and light, built a structure that embraces the metaphorical associations intrinsic to the lighthouse. 

Responding to a tumultuous social climate that threatens the inclusiveness of society, this project is meant to offer the physical and emotional voyager a safe harbor. Placed in Joshua Tree, CA, the desert becomes a metaphor for the vastness of rough seas and shifts the focal point inland, away from the perimeter, offering a representation of belonging inside. 

ROUGH PLAY PROJECTS will partner with MOJAVE DESERT LAND TRUST in  Reading The Landscape a set of guidelines to help artists make informed decisions about engaging with this land and its delicate ecosystems. These tips are a resource to advise artists throughout their creative processes, to ensure that each step is done in a way that will preserve the landscapes for future generations.

ABOUT ROUGH PLAY PROJECTS: Our vision for the land is a dedicated site for collaborative interdisciplinary installations. Creating a fluidity to the land that engages the community through a visual dialogue while preserving and protecting the natural existing landscape.  Project concepts will address current social, cultural, and political conversations.