Owen meets his hero!

Credit: Uploaded by Lou Grim on 2017-09-11 Philadelphia, PA 

"Owen Zelinski is a 12 year old boy who loves his family and Lady Gaga! What’s not so obvious to the world is that Owen has courageously endured more critical health challenges in the last 10 years than most people ever do in an entire lifetime. He spends large amounts of his time in hospitals and at doctor visits. Behind his sweet smile and quiet personality, you will find a little boy who just wants to fit in and be accepted as he is.

Owen has been diagnosed with a couple of rare conditions, with Dravet Syndrome being the most challenging. It is a rare, catastrophic and lifelong form of epilepsy that has many issues associated with it. He suffers from prolonged, frequent seizures, behavioral and developmental delays, and chronic infections. Owen also has Dysgenesis of the Corpus Callosum, an abnormality of the brain structure (basically the communicator between the left and right side of the brain is not formed completely and it limits the 2 sides from talking with each other). He is greatly affected by seizures, clumsiness, delay in developmental milestones and sensitivity to sensory cues. Owen’s medical conditions still have so many unanswered questions and we are determined to get answers. Even though Owen is considered nonverbal, he understands everything you say and is very smart.

Owen has been one of Lady Gaga’s little monsters since he was 4 years old with his favorite songs of hers being, “Born this way”, “Just Dance” “Poker Face” and “Paparazzi.” As his mom, I have learned that Owen uses Lady Gaga’s music as his voice or outlet. From Owen wanting me to wear my make-up like Lady Gaga (YES, there are YouTube tutorials on how to wear your make-up like her) to signing Lady Gaga’s biography book out continuously at the school library, to watching and listening to her on YouTube, his devotion to her has been unwavering.

When I heard that Lady Gaga was coming to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Sunday, September 10th, I jumped at the chance to get tickets for him to see her in person. There is not much that makes Owen happy in this world, but meeting Lady Gaga and perhaps getting his picture taken with her to frame and put on the wall, WOULD BE BEYOND ALL OF HIS WILDEST DREAMS. I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to have Owen meet Lady Gaga and this is where I ask for all of you wonderful people to help me. Share this post as much as possible in the hopes that it will get to Lady Gaga! Help Owen meet his hero! Thank you so much!" Jenn Brendal Collins

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