BBC Drama: The A Word Tackles Autism

The A Word starring Christopher Eccleston in a six-part series looking at a family struggling to cope when the youngest son is diagnosed with autism. Described as “a funny and thought-provoking series about parenthood and childhood”, it will tell the story of how the Hugheses learn to communicate properly with each other in order to communicate with their autistic family member.

"In a society where imperfection increasingly comes with blame attached, it seems timely to look at how autism is regarded both within a family and the wider community - and to give some insight into how that experience might be for the child on the autism spectrum.”

- Peter Bowker (writer/executive producer.)

*The original series, Pilpelim Tsehubim, was broadcast in Israel in 2010. It was written and created by Keren Margalit, who will be an executive producer on the UK version.

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